Sound Stage: A $5 app for recording desktop screencasts or iOS demos

Sound Stage: A $5 app for recording desktop screencasts or iOS demos

Sometimes we find really cool tools that, while we’re not using them as intended, certainly are handy. Sound Stage is exactly one of those apps. Already known and loved by iOS developers for giving them an incredibly easy way to record demos of their apps via the iOS simulator, we love it because it’s a $5 tool that can easily record quality screencasts of your desktop.

What really sets Sound Stage apart, aside from the $5 price point, is the fact that it lets you do great-looking demo videos, complete with backgrounds. Doing a basketball game? Drop in a background of a basketball court to add to the overall feel. Instead of just having a boring, single-screen video, you’re able to do an immersive experience without the need to do a load of post-recording editing.

Version 1.3 is the latest, and with it come some great features. Now you can do truly lossless video. While it does create huge files, they look amazing. There are also some performance tweaks, the full-screen recordings and an indicator to show your current recording size so you don’t fill up your hard drive as you’re making things look just right.

So there you have it. A $5 app that will record stunning iOS demos, and even let you do screencasts. Can you really ask for a better deal? We didn’t think so either, so we wanted to tell you about it. Give it a download and let us know your thoughts.

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