Friday: An Android app gives analytics for your life. [Alpha Invites]

Friday: An Android app gives analytics for your life. [Alpha Invites]

Do you remember what you did in Las Vegas? Probably not, but Friday does. Happen to recall where you were when you took the picture of your friend laughing so hard that they blew Diet Coke out of their nose? Friday does.

Friday is an application that runs on your Android device. It runs in the background, keeping stock of everything that happens on your phone. You can think of it as a personal journal of your daily events, but we like to see it as analytics for your life.

Friday has access to a load of information, as such the permissions screen can seem a bit daunting, but you have to realize that what you’re asking it to do is essentially keep track of every single thing on your phone. Once you give it permission, it will take a few minutes to dig through your history and then provide you with a dashboard insight of everything from emails to photos and even meetings that you’ve had.

What’s interesting is that not only does it provide you an in-depth view of your life, it also links directly to the applications on your phone. So if you want to pull up the location information, you’ll see pins stuck into a Google Maps representation that will show you exactly what happened and where. Took a photo? That will be tagged, too.

Essentially, Friday gives you the ability to “forget to remember”. As tied as we all are to our mobile phones, it’s a very interesting way to keep your memories handy. Looking back, even over the short amount of time that I’ve had my present phone, Friday has pulled in a wealth of information and I’ve already used it to look up things that I would have otherwise forgotten.

Friday is in an early alpha right now. If you want to use it, you’ll need to sign up for an invitation on the site. However, as a reader of The Next Web, we have a special offer for you — When you sign up, at the bottom you’ll see a question for why you would want to use Friday. Enter “TNW” into that box and you’re assured to get a look at one of the most interesting Android applications we’ve seen yet.

Remember to use TNW when you sign up!

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