Cardinal: Sleek, simple iPhone app to share music

Cardinal: Sleek, simple iPhone app to share music, a Calgary-based startup has created an iPhone app that enables music-lovers to quickly share music with Twitter and Facebook.

Cardinal is a sleek, simple app that allows users to share tunes they’re listening to, with a quick shake of the device.

It works like this: while listening to a track, the song you’re currently playing will appear in Cardinal, coupled with the album art and song details. From Cardinal’s “now playing” screen, the song can be shared with either Facebook or Twitter by picking a message.


This app aims to make sharing music faster by providing a series of pre-set messages to choose from. And although the messages are pre-written, they will be automatically customized to include the name of the artist, song and album. Your friends on Facebook and Twitter will also be provided with a link to the song or podcast.

Users can craft their own message individually or create a standard post that will appear on Twitter and or  Facebook after shaking the device. And as the songs change, Cardinal will post the new tune to the “now playing” screen while adjusting the message to include the new song details. We should note that there are no music controls within Cardinal but the headphone controls will work as they usually would.

We had a chance to speak with a team member from Cardinal, Sarah Blue via email. She shared with us that a Canadian artist called Times Neue Roman has remixed Cardinal to promote their latest album Talking Sporty. Blue additionally told us her team is working with a couple of partners including ExploreMusic and MetroLyrics, two music-based websites that offer music discovery, recommendations and lyrics.

As we grow, your influence will help you unlock free tracks, score stuff from bands and allow you to influence what’s playing at Cardinal powered venues. -Sarah Blue

The Bottom Line:

Music junkies who dig sharing their tracks will love this app. The design of the app is clean, elegant and its’ shake-to-share feature is fantastic. Cardinal is available for free in the app store.

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