Tpstry: A cool family tree app with unlimited photo storage

Tpstry: A cool family tree app with unlimited photo storage

Tpstry can be used as a digital archive of your family history, providing you with a unique URL and unlimited storage for your family photos.

The service helps users fill out their rich family history by asking a series of questions like “what is your mother’s name” and “Did you serve in the military”. Upon adding each family member, Tpstry will enable users to invite their relatives to participate in the project. Tpstry will also go through the same Q & A process to learn more about the people you’re adding.


Some of the questions were somewhat obtrusive ie- “What is your phone number” however, it does give you the option to pass up the question for another.  After telling Tpstry some information about you, the data will be divided in parts, available from your unique Tpstry URL.  Family memories are organized by people, places, events, images, timeline, and the URL can be shared.

Possible Drawbacks:

The idea of giving Tpstry information such as birth dates, phone numbers and the email addresses of your family members may be off-putting to those concerned with privacy. And, after digging around Tpstry’s private policy we found this : “From time to time, we may also use your information to contact you for market research purposes. We may contact you by email, phone, fax or mail. “  We should note that Tpstry doesn’t require your phone number and mailing address during the sign up process. But, it does show up during the question and answer process.

The Bottom Line:

All in all, it does offer an interesting layout for a family tree and the added plus of unlimited photo storage is pretty nice.  We also like that users can collaborate and add multiple families to their tree. Tpstry’s basic plan is currently free but there appears to be a premium plan rolling out soon, no pricing or details listed.

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