Discover the real side of cities, if you’re brave, with GuidedByALocal

Discover the real side of cities, if you’re brave, with GuidedByALocal

If you’re the ‘adventurous traveler’ type, you probably want to get to know the ‘Real’ side of places you visit. A Netherlands-based team has created GuidedByALocal as the ideal place to find someone to show you just that.

Currently featuring 314 local guides in 202 cities in 68 countries, the site is designed to connect globetrotters with volunteer guides around the world.

Why would you want a guide that doesn’t charge you money for a tour? As the site says, “There is no commercial drive to inform you about, or show you the local spots. Why? Travel and culture is their passion. They want to meet other cultures on their journey and they are more than willing to meet you on your journey.”

The number of guides available varies from city-to-city but checking out somewhere like Amsterdam returns a healthy number of people willing to show you the sights. Guides can also answer questions from travelers online via the site.

Clearly, opting for a guide who isn’t registered with the local tourism office could be seen as risky, especially as anyone can volunteer on the site to be a guide. However, guides can be awarded points by those who have taken a tour and the site is clearly labeled: “Not for tourists – only for travelers!”

So, if you’re the bold type, jump right in…

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