Best Prompter Pro: A useful iPad app for broadcasting

Best Prompter Pro: A useful iPad app for broadcasting

A teleprompter is a commonly used device in video production. It provides broadcasters with an electronic display of their lines or script viewed on a monitor, often scrolling the text as the broadcaster speaks.

For video podcasters, a teleprompter is a better alternative to using cue cards because you can seamlessly read an entire segment by yourself, eliminating the need for an extra person.

Best Prompter Pro turns the iPad into a teleprompter and through an elegant user interface, users can record audio and write or edit scripts.

Teleprompter iPadThis app could be handy in a variety of different situations; practicing speeches and presentations or for creating a video/audio podcast. If you’re producing a news-style video podcast, there are various accessories available that will incorporate the iPad into a professional studio set-up.

As seen in the image to the right, these modifications will position the iPad so the broadcaster is looking directly into the camera.  If you do choose to go this route, Best Prompter Pro has a mirror feature that will flip the image so it can be used with the pro reflector set-ups.

teleprompter for iPad

Getting Started

The script editing screen is basically a text editor that enables users to adjust the font type, size and the colours of both the background and the text. When the script is ready, users can activate the teleprompter mode.

Within the teleprompter screen, the script will smoothly scroll along the screen at the desired speed you set in the settings. It’s also possible to change the font size, add markers and invert colours to make the text easier to read.

Another feature within the teleprompter mode is the audio recorder. It’s by far the coolest feature, and it’s ideal for reviewing your speeches or presentations. We’d guess it could even be used for recording audio clips similar to our own TNW DailyDose.


Scripts can be imported or exported using the iTunes sharing feature or shared via email. Additionally, multiple audio clips can be recorded within each script and can be shared via email as well.

The Bottom Line:

Overall, Best Prompter Pro is a solid teleprompter app for the iPad. The UI and the built-in recording feature are both wins but it would be nice to see an update that included Dropbox and Google docs synchronization. Best Prompter Pro is available for $7.99 in the app store.

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