Take a fresh look at your friends’ photos as Pixable hits the iPad

Take a fresh look at your friends’ photos as Pixable hits the iPad

As we’ve previously stated, Pixable‘s Photofeed app for Facebook is one of the smartest, best-looking ways of browsing your friend’s photos. Now the New York startup has brought the experience to the iPad with a new app that has launched today.

Just like the browser-based version, Photofeed for iPad lets you browse photographs from your friends not just by who posted them, but also by a number of categories designed to highlight the ‘best’ photos that you might have missed. Popular photos for the day, week, month and for previous years are calculated based on an algorithm that looks at the number of Likes and comments they’ve received, among other indicators.

There are also other useful categories, like new images from your family and ‘New profile photos’, as well as fun selections like ‘New photos of girls’ and  ‘New photos of guys’. If you prefer, you can select a ‘Friends’ view, which allows you to ‘Follow’ specific people that you’re most interested in seeing new pictures from.

It all adds up to a fun app that takes a refreshingly different approach to Facebook photos. It joins Buddies, another app we reviewed here, as being highly recommended for Facebook photo addicts looking for something that strips away the other distractions of Facebook to concentrate solely on images.

Pixable says its browser-based Facebook app has accumulated  170,000 users in little over a month since its launch and has sorted and ranked over 10 billion photos. The company plans to expand to cover other photo sharing services in the future.

Pixable PhotoFeed is free and can be found on the App Store here.

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