Gramfeed. Instagram meets Twitter

Gramfeed.  Instagram meets Twitter

Last week Instagram launched its open API, supporting real-time interaction of photos shared through their popular iPhone app.

Developers using the API can now receive notifications when users posts photos, track photos posted with a specific tag, learn of new geo-tagged photos, and utilize a feature called “Geographies,” a latitude and longitude and a radius.

When announced, Instagram provided a demo of  what a web interface using the API could look like.  This morning we have our first glimpse of one developer’s use of the API, Gramfeed, a site where Instagram photos are presented in a Twitter-like feed.

Developer Rakshith Krishnappa, also creator of another slick app called Shaloc, explains:

“Gramfeed is a web version of Instagram designed to bring popular photos from the app, view both yours, and the timeline of those you follow, read comments on photos, Tweet about photos you like and more.”

Aside from the aesthetic beauty of Gramfeed, one doesn’t need to use Instagram to view photos, search for users, and the site refreshes at regular intervals with popular photos.  For those that are Instagram addicts, login is as simple entering your Instagram user ID and password.

Gramfeed is a wonderful new service for Instagram users and whets the palate of those that don’t have access to the app on their mobile device.

Pick up Instagram for iPhone here, and begin snapping and sharing pictures!

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