Instagram Popular Photos vs Picplz Interesting Photos: Which is the best?

Instagram Popular Photos vs Picplz Interesting Photos: Which is the best?

Whilst browsing the ‘Popular Photos’ on Instagram an uber successful photo-sharing mobile app, it occurred to me that it would be nice to know how its current Popular Photos compared to that of its main competitor Picplz’s ‘Interesting Photos’.

Picplz photos are accessible through its website which makes browsing and sharing photos easy from a computer. It’s current set of Interesting Photos appear to be more extensive at first glance. However Instagram’s Popular Photos refreshes more often which provides roughly the same number of images to select from.

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Instagram is only available on the iPhones so the images in this post are all ‘screen shots’.

Both applications had an amazingly beautiful selection of images.  At times it was difficult to comprehend that these photos were taken on mobile devices (if they were).

Below are some of the best current photos selected from each application:

12 photos from Picplz’s Interesting Photos:

By krisstina

By eneitzel

By emilylee

By atmasphere

By jiaying111

By krisstina

By krisstina

By leeenryerickson

By carlaarena

By nozx85

By janneke

By kgraceful

12  photos from Instagram’s Popular Photos:

Which set of photos do you think is better those belonging to Picplz or Instagram?

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