Rumford1797. iPhone time and work behavior tracker to enhance productivity

Rumford1797. iPhone time and work behavior tracker to enhance productivity

TNW Quick Hit

Rumford1797 ($.99) for iPhone is a time-tracking tool for projects or other items, plain and simple.

Hits: Rumford1797 is easy-to-use, tracks multiple projects, and allows users to export projects via email in a CSV format.

Misses: Additional exporting methods are needed.  DropboxSugarsyncBox.Net, ect.

Overall: 3.5/5

The Details:

Are you a working stiff?  Pretty sweet life isn’t it?

If you answered yes to both, you’re weird.  If you answered yes to the former and no to the later, welcome to the club.

For those that receive project requests from one’s employer, run their own business, both (yours truly), or are a freelancer (blogger, artist, employee at Medieval Times), success rests on your ability to track your projects and work behavior.  Properly doing so makes one more efficient, accomplish what you need to and if your pay is based on a specified amount of time, allows you to provide evidence of time spent on a particular task.

Rumford1797 is an iPhone/iPod Touch app to increase productivity using a time and work behavior tracker.  Why the name Rumford1797?  According to the creator of the app:

“The name refers to Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford (in German: Reichsgraf von Rumford) who first introduced a punch clock in 1797 in Munich, Germany. It is not entirely clear whether Count Rumford really invented the punch clock, there are sources that say that the idea originally came from England.”

Thank you for your invention Sir Thompson.

To begin, add your project(s):

Once created, your projects are presented in a list, can be activated and deactivated, or modified as needed.

When working on a project, the start/stop function is easy enough for all to use, a grid of project times schedule is presented, and one can switch between projects by swiping left and right.

If for any reason you need to export your project, be it sharing with a colleague, a client, or anyone else, exporting via email in the form of a CSV file is simple.  The problem with Rumford1797 is that email exporting is one’s ONLY option.

Adding other methods of sharing, such as those mentioned above, is needed in the worst of ways.  Sharing by email isn’t bad, but receiving files by email, downloading the attachment, and reading what’s contained therein when you’re out and about is a beating of the highest order

Rumford1797 is a simple, well-designed, project, time and work behavior, tracking app.  That said, absent some much needed additions, it will fail to reach its full potential.

Pick up Rumfrod1797 here and let us know what you think!

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