Have work but nowhere to do it? Desktime helps you find a workspace.

Have work but nowhere to do it? Desktime helps you find a workspace.

For those of you who don’t have an office to call home, or maybe you just need somewhere that feels a bit different, there’s a new application called Desktime that can help you track down workspace for rent.

Presently only available in Chicago, but with plans to expand soon, Desktime is a web-based application that will let you filter available workspaces down to your liking. For each selection, there’s a listing of amenities and many of them also give you a description of the look of the space so you’ll know whether or not it fits your liking.

Pricing is set by the owner of the space. While some offerings only show weekly or monthly rentals, there are many that appear to have spaces available by the day as well. From cubicles to wide open places, there appears to be a selection that should fit just about any taste.

It’s a bit like Air BnB but for workspaces. If you have a space of your own and nobody to fill it, you can choose to list it on Desktime.

Overall we dig the idea. We’d certainly be interested to hear some feedback if you’ve ever used the service and we look forward to its expansion, as well.

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