Tumblr down again? Tumblr2WP makes migrating to WordPress simple

Tumblr down again? Tumblr2WP makes migrating to WordPress simple

Premium WordPress theme designers WooThemes has released Tumblr2WP, a new tool to help users port their content from the increasingly unreliable Tumblr platform, importing it into a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Tumblr has experienced huge growth over the past year, but it has also been plagued with scaling issues. It’s increasing downtime frequency even led to the Tumblr team implementing its own version of Twitter’s Fail Whale; the Tumbeasts.

The premium WordPress theme company waited for the release of WordPress 3.1 to release its tool because the new self-hosted blogging software supports post formats, which were not present in prior releases.

The tool will create a WXR (WordPress eXtended RSS) file from your tumblr site which can be imported into WordPress.

Creating 8 tumblog themes for WordPress, WooThemes is hoping that existing Tumblr users will want to have more control over their content and its uptime, releasing a free WooTumblog plugin that replicates the Tumblr publishing interface on any WordPress installation.

If you’re on Tumblr and want to have more control over your blog and the features if can offer, have a look at WooThemes’ Tumblr2WP Exporter and see if a WordPress blog could be for you.

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