TheFriendMail: Your entire Facebook, in your email.

TheFriendMail: Your entire Facebook, in your email.

Last week TNW wrote about a service called Flexamail which allows users to surf the web from their email inbox. TheFriendMail is a site that focuses just on delivering Facebook through email. It is founded by Anil Chawla who also built Tweetymail a Twitter through email service.

Similar to Flexamail everything works by sending emails with a specific subject line.

However TheFriendMail has a deeper integration and allows more Facebook interactions.

Its features:

  • Update your status
  • Writing on your friends’ walls
  • Viewing your news feed
  • Liking content
  • Commenting
  • Viewing your Friends Profiles

Managing your Facebook Page from your inbox is also possible. Sending emails will allow you to post: new status updates, links, and photos for the Pages that you are an admin for and interact with Pages that you are a member of.

Its Facebook notification emails are cool as it inlines the actual news feed posts so that you can “like” and comment directly from your email. It can also group multiple notifications into one email or send notifications according to your own schedule. Additionally you can “mute” topics you no longer want to receive notifications about.

Another nifty feature is the birthday alert. A reminder is sent via email and then by responding you’re able to write on your friend’s wall. The reminder also shows you what other people have posted on the birthday person’s wall.

TheFriendMail would be a good tool to use when you don’t have access to a smart phone or your work has banned Facebook. However the  instructions are hard to understand with far too much text. I would recommend quick video tutorials and images to help explain how to use the service.

Join the free beta here.

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