CNN comes to Android with a new, dedicated tablet app

CNN comes to Android with a new, dedicated tablet app

Looking for a new app for your Galaxy tab or perhaps your brand new Xoom? There’s good news from CNN. The cable news station has just introduced its Android application, and unlike the version for the iPad, you’ll even be able to do the CNN iReport function due to the Android tablets’ built-in camera.

The CNN app will expose tablet users to the best submissions from our hundreds of thousands of iReporters across the globe, as well as enable them to submit their own iReports and participate along with us.

Inside the app, you’ll find user comments highlighted, two different application “modes” to display International versus US-based news and updates from CNN Radio. At present, it’s only available in the US Android Market, but there are plans to take it worldwide soon.

The hope is to make the app one of the “marquis” pieces for Google’s Android OS on tablets. We’ll be giving it a download and a full report for you soon.

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