Discover the spoken-word podcasts that tell great stories Discover the spoken-word podcasts that tell great stories

Podcast fans have a lot of places from where they can find great content. While Apple’s iTunes Store tends to be the feature, it’s often times hard to sift through the many choices and find exactly what you’re looking for.

There’s a certain breed of podcast that hasn’t seen much attention. It’s that subset that focuses entirely on spoken word, but not newscasts, recaps or the like. Rather, the thought behind these types of recordings are those that are meant simply to be humorous, intriguing, moving or informative. is a site that caters directly to the discovery of them. is a trusted channel for discovering, exploring and listening to great audio speech programmes. Speech audio content is currently fragmented and difficult to discover online. Everyday on Twitter alone there are numerous people asking for listening recommendations, especially whilst commuting or doing the school run.

Logging in to via your Twitter account, you’ll see the 4 categories along the left of the page. Choosing one, you’re given some options about content that matches the category. If you don’t see anything that piques your interest, just ask to show you more like that.

Once you’ve gathered your collection of podcasts, you can choose to listen to them on the site or can generate an RSS feed to which you can subscribe. The site does work on modern mobile browsers, but it’s not optimized for them. That being the case, subscribing to your RSS in the player of your choice is the best option.

Results of’s suggestions are impressive, to say the least. As the site continues to grow, more content will be available, but that shouldn’t turn you away from using it now. I’ve found some truly great items on that I’d likely have missed in the jumble that the iTunes Store has become.

Give it a shot and let us know your thoughts. We’re looking forward to what can do.

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