View your Facebook, Twitpic, Picplz and Dailybooth photos in one place with GRID

View your Facebook, Twitpic, Picplz and Dailybooth photos in one place with GRID

The increase in usage of digital cameras combined with social networks becoming a primary method of storing photos has reduced the tangible ownership of our photos.

Since I discovered GRID by the people from VVall, that sense of ownership feels like it may return. It’s not the same as having chronicles of printed photo albums but the way it presents the photos makes it a little more organised. It’s also a great way to get a quick hit and fast overview of your memories.

GRID pulls in all your photos from Facebook, Twitpic, Picplz and Dailybooth. You just give the site access to your accounts and it collates the photos together in a timeline. Photos can also be viewed in the days of the week they were taken. Clicking on the thumbnail of the image takes you to the original file. Fetching images belonging to another persons account is also possible if their photo setting is public.

When I added my Facebook account to GRID it brought together 439 photos from 994 days, dating all the way back to 2008 when I first began using Facebook. I was really hoping it was going to bring together photos that I was tagged in but did not own, just to make the experience more complete, but that was not the case.

Also the site doesn’t merge photos together from different sources, like Facebook and Twitpic which would have been handy. You need to reload each account to view the images.

As we store and share our photos on different websites there is a real need to have a central place to collate and view them.

I have been using Greplin recently and that organises search from all facets of my online life, now there needs to be something that does that for photo viewing and storage and GRID has highlighted this need.

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