Smartr launches super web version of their iPhone Twitter app

Smartr launches super web version of their iPhone Twitter app

Smartr, an excellent iPhone app we’ve profiled, is one of, if not the, best way for Twitter users to follow news from your Twitter stream in a fast, wonderfully designed, manner.

The iPhone app features:

  • Removes Foursquare checkins from your stream
  • Displays page previews in lieu of links
  • Provides the ability to reply to Tweets, retweet, repost or mark articles as favorites
  • Support for Multiple accounts
  • Read your twitter favorites in Smartr mode
  • Support for @replies

Today, Smartr has announced a way for users to follow the best information from their Twitter stream with a new web version of their iPhone app.

Visit and you’ll find a huge orange button providing instant access to the web version of Smartr.

Speaking with Temo Chalasani, developer of Smartr, the web app was developed for a couple of reasons:

“We built this web application because a lot of our mobile users were demanding a desktop Smartr client. The webapp is still in its infancy, but we hope to bring the Smartr experience to the web through this release.”

How does the web version look?  Pretty slick and similar to what Smartr for iPhone users have grown to enjoy.

On the web app users get a rich experience featuring Tweets, a short description of the article, a chance to “Echo” the article to their Twitter feed (which is completely opt-in.  Wonderful!) and information about your Twitter account.

For the best experience, Smartr recommends using Chrome, Safari or Firefox.  Sorry Internet Explorer.

As for the service as a whole, Chalasani reveals:

“ has been doing brilliantly well since we launched a couple of months ago – we’re transforming the way people use twitter and have been converting users over from other twitter clients. We’ll be charging for the mobile app(2.99) starting today – to offset the huge server costs of prefetching and cleaning millions of webpages for our mobile users.”

If you haven’t tried Smartr on the iPhone, pick it up here.  It is a great app and worth the price (FREE APP CODES BELOW), made even more so with the tremendous addition of Smartr’s web app.

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