Boom: A Mac app to pump up the volume by 400 percent

Boom: A Mac app to pump up the volume by 400 percent

listening-with-headphonesEver feel that your Mac speakers aren’t loud enough? We may have an app to solve your audio frustration.

Boom, a volume booster app, will crank the audio output on your Mac up to 400%. Whether your main thing is watching YouTube videos or it’s listening to tracks on iTunes, Boom will dramatically pump up the volume.

The audio boosting app that recently won a Best in Show award at Macworld 2011, works with any application on Mac including iChat, Quicktime and Skype. It will also jack up the volume while streaming media on the web with sites such as YouTube.

Volume Slider

After installing Boom, a handy volume slider will be readily available within the taskbar. This is a lot easier than having to fire up the app and, it clearly displays whether the boom volume is on or off.

Presets & Equalizer

While increasing the volume is great, it’s not the only feature found within Boom. Users also have the option to choose from various presets to customize the sound.

Each one of the presets including bass boost and treble boost, can be tweaked to suit the listener’s preferences but it additionally gives users the option to create and name their own pre-defined sounds using the equalizer. They’ve also included presets for both music and movies that were specifically designed for the aforementioned media types.

Boost a File

Another cool feature within Boom will boost the volume of your audio files by dragging and dropping a supported file into the app. By doing this, Boom will automatically boost the audio level of the file or song and it will sync them to iTunes, allowing you to later throw them on your iPhone or iPod.

The boost file option supports mp3, m4a, aiff, caf and wav.

The Bottom Line

If you’re not satisfied with the audio levels on your Mac, Boom will be worth the $4.99 for you. Global Delight, the developers of the app have provided a free trial download on the site so you’ll have a chance to play around with it before buying. Compared to my Macbook Pro, the sound volume of my older Macbook is seriously lacking so I put Boom to the test using the older model. Overall the result was quite impressive and seemed to roughly double the volume of the audio output, although, the developers do promise its boosts audio by up to 400 percent.

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