Got a great tech idea? Sparkmuse could help make it reality [Invites]

Got a great tech idea? Sparkmuse could help make it reality [Invites]

If you’re the kind of person who has brilliant technology ideas but doesn’t know what to do with them, or just wants to bounce them off someone else, Sparkmuse could be for you.

Inspired by “Rate my idea” posts on Hacker News, Dave Jafari has created this new site as a formal place for innovative ideas to be discussed, refined and acted upon. Jafari hopes that the site will allow entrepreneurs to find potential cofounders amongst a creative and inspiring community.

Each idea, or ‘Spark’, has its own page for sharing a problem and the proposed solution. Then it’s open season for the rest of the community to share their thoughts on it. The site is already filling up with interesting concepts and discussions about topics as diverse as a map widget that shows news stories near a user’s current location, a gaming app based around local public transport and an ultra-simple, web-based way of holding meetings.

Worried someone else might steal your idea? Jafari says on Sparkmuse’s ‘About’ page that while that’s possible, you shouldn’t be too concerned. “Your ideas are fundamentally your own, made in your image. Only you have the vision and only your execution will make it successful. No imposter will ever be able to steal its core, just impersonate its facade. So share, get your idea out in the wild as soon as possible and go to pivot town on it.”

Jafari says that in the future, a set of partnerships with public organisations, product vendors, and experts will be announced, aimed at helping Sparkmuse members bring their ideas to life. While it remains to be seen if the site will become the default go-to place for people wanting to refine their new plans, it’s certainly set off on the right food fudging by the conversations taking place there so far.

Sparkmuse is currently invite-only, but we have 200 invites available for The Next Web readers. Just click here and sign up with your Twitter account.

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