Egobook: Turn your Facebook Profile into a printed book

Egobook: Turn your Facebook Profile into a printed book

TNW Quick Hit

Egobook is a service that will turn your Facebook profile into a physical book.

Hits: Great collection of peoples’ lives, brilliant for anyone sentimental.

Misses: Sadly other than the text on the cover there is little control of what goes into the book.

Overall: 4/5

The Details

EgoBook created by Nicolas Cazelais, it is a personalized book created from status updates, published pictures, wall messages and the comments from a Facebook profile. This is something that will appeal to those amongst us that are Facebook addicts. It also make an awesome gift. It’s a bit like the TV show, This is your Life but instead of the big red book you get this blue one.

How it works

Add the app and give it permission. Select the options you want, like a big photos or smaller photos and then wait for it to compile. The preview the front cover, edit the text sub title and buy. Making your own Egobook is a really simple process.

Additional information

  • Shows the current profile picture of the users at the time of the post on the cover
  • At the end, a photo mosaic of all the friends, and a top 20 of the best commenters.
  • Create an EgoBook from a Facebook fan page is possible
  • Pricing starts at $22.45
  • Referral program with a 10% commission

If your more of a Twitter addict you can get a book made with all your Tweets with Twournal. Read more about Twournal here.

If you’re still not convinced the video below to see how cool this really looks:

EgoBook, Your Facebook book from Nicolas Cazagou on Vimeo.

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