Collabracam: Hollywood style production on the iPhone

Collabracam: Hollywood style production on the iPhone

Apptopus Inc., has developed a first of it’s kind app that helps mobile directors produce movies using multiple iPhones as live cameras. It’s called Collabracam.

We’ll tell you right off the bat, we unfortunately don’t have three iPhones available, so we’re unable to test drive the app. Nonetheless, the concept of operating up to 4 iPhone cameras remotely does sound pretty cool.

It works like this: The app must be installed on each iPhone capturing footage and each device connected is basically a standby camera that the director can access at will. Using the Collabracam app on either the iPad or iPhone (iPad only supported for directing), the director can select different cameras and can also send a notification telling the standby cams when it’s time for a different shot; pan left, high angle.


We spoke with Kyle Hilla, the founder and CEO of Apptopus Inc., and he told us the idea came to him about one year ago after he purchased an iPhone 3GS.

Hilla, a graphic designer, has experience within the field of production and worked as a camera man for a public access station, filming local events such as highschool sports. He said while working at the station, the experience of dealing with large cameras and cords was cumbersome to say the least, so he took the process of using multiple standby cams and applied it to iOS devices.

With Collabracam anyone can produce a video with a few iPhones — all you need is a WiFi network. -Hilla

Hilla tells us that directors can edit on-the-fly and the finished video can be exported as an entire rough-cut video or as individual clips of each camera feed.

To pull if off, users will need at least 3 iPhones (4, 3GS) or an iPod touch (3rd, 4th gen) not including the director’s device (iPhone or iPad). Collabracam is available for $9.99 in the app store.

Below we posted a video of a few users from Sweden trying it out. Please let us know your thoughts, would you use this?

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