Give Star Trek Animated Gifts on Facebook with The Gift App.

Give Star Trek Animated Gifts on Facebook with The Gift App.

The Gift App just rolled out  the most coolest branded gifts ever today. I kid you not, as of today they have gifts in a STAR TREK theme! It is now possible to shower your loved ones with  these very awesome animations on Facebook.

The Gift App is a popular animated gifting application on Facebook which launched at the end of October last year and has already had 3.5 million gifts sent. Aside from Star Trek gifts they also have, gifts themed around the rock group KISS and instrumentalist Yanni. These branded virtual goods are a result of a new partnership between The Gift App and Swagbucks.

Users of The Gift App can not only choose from popular branded goods but also holiday, sports and customary fare.

Drake Sutton-Shearer, Founder and CEO of re:make LLC developer of The Gift App states:

“We are thrilled to begin offering these new iconic gifts to our users and to help our content partners extend their branding presence on Facebook.”  He also added that The Gift App is on target to distribute more than 10 million virtual gifts on Facebook by the end of this year.

I do have one niggling remark though, whose idea was it to make The Gift App neon blue and green? My eyes are still hurting.  However, once the animation is posted on your friends Facebook Wall, it does look good.

They also plan to bring The Gift App to other platforms soon.

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