Lendle: A network for borrowing and lending Kindle books

Lendle: A network for borrowing and lending Kindle books

Lendle is a network that aims to bridge the gap of Kindle book exchanging by enabling U.S-based Amazon users to borrow and lend books to people they don’t know.  Sharing with the network doesn’t require a Kindle either, the service can be used through Kindle apps including Mac, PC, iOS and Android versions.

To begin swapping books, users can sign up to the site and provide Lendle their Amazon credentials but users are given a strict two week time frame to finish the book. If the book is not returned back on time, the procrastinating user may be banned from the service.

This service gives users a place to share and purchase books through their Amazon accounts, and it promises to keep the service fair by using an algorithm that watches for users who aren’t sharing. If you’re not lending, you’re not borrowing. No mooches.

Lendle can’t work if people aren’t willing to lend books. When you join the site and tell us what books you own, you are given two borrow requests. As you lend books, you’ll get more borrow requests. As long as you’re lending, you’ll always be able to borrow.

As it’s stated on the site, Lendle has no affiliation with Amazon but it’s able to tap into your Amazon associate account, and the books that are purchased within Lendle will award the site with a small cut in revenue. And while not all Kindle books have been approved by publishers to use the lending feature, Lendle currently has 821 books available on the site right now.


Sadly, users who are outside of the U.S. are not permitted to use Amazon’s lending feature so Lendle won’t be of much use to non-U.S folks, however, it does seem to be an interesting way to exchange books. Have a look and let us know what you think of the service.

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