Crocodoc adds HTML5 embedding, collaboration and Yammer integration to its document sharing

Crocodoc adds HTML5 embedding, collaboration and Yammer integration to its document sharing

If you’ve ever had to embed a document into a page, then you know what a pain it can be. While there are options out there to make it easier, the majority of them either screw up formatting pretty severely, or they’re based in Flash and can’t be viewed across all platforms.

Crocodoc is fixing the problem with a single, integrated, HTML5 solution.

Starting right now, you can embed documents to your heart’s content across the Internet, allowing anyone on any device with a modern browser to view your work exactly as it should appear. No funky formatting, no strange plugins needed. Want proof? Here’s a side by side of a PDF, then the embedded version:

As you can see, the fonts carry over, the page design carries perfectly. In fact, since it’s all done in HTML5, you can even click and highlight sections of text, just as you would in a normal document.

As Crocodoc CEO Ryan Damico states, “People shouldn’t have to download documents for common tasks like viewing, commenting and form filling. Documents should be a seamless part of the Web just like other media.”

But that’s not enough, according to Damico. He wanted to give people the ability to collaborate on documents and ideas, right inside the browser. From that though, Crocodoc has implemented a commenting and markup feature that can happen right inside of the viewer:

Of course, the ideas of collaboration, markup and the rest are great, but where Crocodoc really comes into its own is in its integration. Not only can you embed great looking HTML5 documents on any webpage, if your organization uses Yammer, Crocodoc is now offering native support inside your Yammer dashboard. If you don’t have it yet, Damico says that you’ll have it soon. Integration is being rolled out as we speak.

The end result? It’s huge. Crocodoc gives you the ability to embed great looking documents with no flash or third-party software. You’ll have the same reading experience with scrolling, copy/paste, searching and even font changes. Whether you’re working with PDF, Word files, PowerPoint or even imagees, Crocodoc gives you the full ability to manage them how you’d want.

Want to take things a step further? There’s a partner program with Crocodoc now available as well. In fact, it’s the method by which Crocodoc has gotten direct integration with Yammer. You can customize your embedded player, allow commenting and markups and collaboration.

It’s a really big day for documents, and we have Crocodoc to thank for that. So get started. Head over to the Crocodoc site and see what you can do.

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