Location-based app helps you find free condoms in NYC

Location-based app helps you find free condoms in NYC

Now this is location-based application use that we can really get behind. Sometimes you’re just in a hurry to get the festivities of the evening kicked off and it’s hard to find an open drugstore. Maybe you don’t have a couple of quarters left for the gas station vending machine. Whatever the case, you need a condom and you need it now.

Thanks to the New York City Health Department, there’s now an iPhone and Android application that uses your phone’s GPS to guide you right to your goal. Well, maybe not your goal, but rather the required checkpoint of a condom. The Health Department has released the app in a quite timely fashion, calling Valentine’s Day “National Condom Awareness Day”, according to a quote from CNN.

What’s handy about it? Instead of just leading you to the nearest drug store or convenience mart, the app will direct your path to an official distribution venue from the Health Department.

Want to make sure that you’re prepared? Head to the Android Market or the App Store to download your free copy of NYC Condom Finder.

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