StumbleUpon Hits 500M Page Views A Month

StumbleUpon Hits 500M Page Views A Month

StumpleUpon the service that helps you discover websites has reached 500 million page views a month. It’s Founder and CEO Garret Camp just tweeted this out:

Below is the Instagram image Camp also tweeted, it shows the user growth in the last 7 months:

Camp and Stumbleupon are on a roll of reaching milestones. They recently set a new record with 27.5 million stumbles in one day and also surpassed Facebook to become the number one website for generating social media traffic in the U.S, accounting for 43.34% of the market. The company was briefly owned by ebay from 2007 til 2009 when Camp sold and re-bought the company. And with his return Camp is taking it from strength to strength.

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