SortFix launches Firefox extension enhancing Google search. Get it here first!

SortFix launches Firefox extension enhancing Google search. Get it here first!

SortFix, a sorting engine which aims to make search more precise and simple for users has just launched a new Firefox extension for Google.

The extension builds on similar offerings from SortFix including the service’s website and its iPad app.

With a simple install, users can access SortFix’s sorting technology through Further, the extension adds an improved user interface, integration with Google Instant, and greater overall usability.

SortFix’s search algorithm runs super smoothly with Google Instant, every time Google Instant refreshes a result, SortFix’s “Power Words” are instantly updated as well.  By using the extension, SortFix enhances searches conducted on Google News, Videos, Books, Blogs, Realtime Discussions and more.

Here’s how the new features work:

A search on ‘smart toys’ will yield Google’s regular results, plus SortFix’s Power Words such as ‘games’ or ‘educational’ which the user can add to or subtract from the search for more tailored results:

Other new items available through the SortFix Firefox extension include:

  • Users can specifically exclude suggested words from a search query
  • SortFix’s  Power Words are framed with small plus and minus buttons (when hovered over with the mouse). Clicking these buttons add or subtract the power words to/from the search query (for those who prefer it, SortFix’s traditional drag-and-drop option remains). The Power Words can now also be merged together to form exact phrases allowing for a more refined search.
  • There is a new trash icon which clears the Power Words from the search boxes in a single click.

Speaking with SortFix, similar add-ons for Internet Explorer and Chrome will launch shortly.  Just as exciting, plans are in the works to expand the add-on to work with Bing and Amazon.

Grab the extension here and let us know what you think!

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