Postling ramps up its functionality with 2 new features

Postling ramps up its functionality with 2 new features

Postling, a New York City based startup, makes social media fast and easy for everyone. The service focuses entirely on small businesses and the small business owners who don’t have more than 5 minutes a day to deal with social media.

The company had great success in 2010. In December, they announced 50,000 linked accounts (up from 2,500 in one year) and YouTube integration. As Postling grows in 2011, it has added two new features for its clients that are particularly handy for keeping up with a busy workflow.

1. Instant Alerts Get Reply-By-Email Functionality
2. Link Previews for Facebook Updates

If you receive instant email alerts in Postling, all you have to do is hit reply to the email, type your message, and hit send. The site will automatically post it to the right social networks. We reached out to two Postling clients for comments about the new features.

“This new email reply function from Postling is kind of life changing. Now instead of having to remember to reply to different mentions and questions we get every day on Twitter and Facebook we can just respond to the email I get from Postling and it automatically gets posted. This is really going to help us stay on top of customer service and engage quickly and often with Butter Lane fans.” -Maria Baugh, co-founder of Butter Lane, a bakery in the East Village.

Nikki Beauchamp, real estate agent in NYC, has made a huge name for herself in bringing social media to the forefront of the industry. Beauchamp says her biggest frustration has been the inability to know when someone commented on her business page.

“Briefly, when Facebook ‘accidentally’ changed the layout-I loved that notifications were a default feature-much as is the case with my personal profile. But-thankfully, I heard about Postling in the fall,and started using it. I loved that I received an email notifying me of a comment-it allowed me the freedom to NOT be tethered to my computer. The recent Postling addition of being able to reply directly via email is even better! I look forward to continuing to use Postling as a way to remain engaged and connected with my (hopefully) growing community on my fan page.”

The second added feature means that now, if you update your Facebook status you can insert a thumbnail image. As you type your message just include the URL in the update itself. Then Postling will provide the thumbnail options.

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