Evernote for Android Releases New Updates

Evernote for Android Releases New Updates

Evernote for Android has been updated to version 2.6. The update includes three major features.

Snippet view: The snippet view shows you the most useful information about your notes but using a small amount of space. Notes with images will be displayed with a thumbnail and text. Notes that are text only will display just text. The other views still exist and can be found in the view menu options.

Notebook stacks:
The ability to view grouped notebook stacks from your Windows and Mac on the go with your Android Phone. Make sure to create a Mobile stack for easy access.

Edit styled notes:
You can edit any note in your account, from text notes, web clip, snapshots, to audio notes.  This feature works by maintaining the styling of whatever element you decide to edit. To see how this works watch the video below:

Other updates in this release include:

  • Improved sync performance: Notes sync around 6 times faster than in previous versions
  • Edit Saved Searches before running them by tapping and holding the search name
  • Improved image scaling
  • Faster note loading and application performance
  • Many many additional bug fixes throughout

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