You need a mobile app. ShoutEm makes its creation incredibly easy.

You need a mobile app. ShoutEm makes its creation incredibly easy.

If you’ve ever dealt with the building of a mobile application, you’ll know that it’s a realm best left to those who do it professionally. It’s so easy to build something that just doesn’t do your content justice on a mobile platform. The answers that we’ve seen to this problem so far is to build HTML5 websites that function as a mobile app. While that experience will work as a stop-gap measure, it’s not up to par with an official application.

Enter ShoutEm. The company has been around for ages, serving as a microblogging and messaging platform. Its newest feature, though, could very well turn the mobile apps market on its ear. ShoutEm is now billing itself as “the world’s simplest mobile app maker”. After a 5 minute run through the service to create a mobile app ourselves, we’re inclined to agree.

ShoutEm uses a drag and drop interface that will allow you to add news, places, events, photos, media streaming and more simply by selecting each part in its app builder.

Once you’ve found all of the pieces that you want, ShoutEm goes to work creating the code for your mobile app on its servers. You can instantly test your app via an online emulator and if you’re happy with it, you can then publish it to the App Store and Android Market. Content from YouTube, RSS, Flickr and more is all included in native modules. There are even plugins for your WordPress or Drupal content to set up your app automatically.

Of course, simplicity that works this well comes with a price. The ShoutEm service has 4 levels of pricing, depending on the services that you need. Want a basic application? That will only run you $30 per month, and offers up to 1,000 downloads of your app. Need more services and more downloads? The ShoutEm service’s pro version goes up to 5,000 downloads with full features for $100 per month. There’s even an enterprise option, but that’s on request and varies by need for its pricing.

Want to use ShoutEm? It’s still in beta and you’ll need an invitiation. Fortunately, you know us here at TNW. We have that sorted for you. Just head over to the ShoutEm registration page and enter this into the Beta Invitation Code box:


Once you have your app created, let us know here in the comments. We’d love to see what you managed to do with the ShoutEm platform.

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