SoundController could help make the Web a little less quiet

SoundController could help make the Web a little less quiet

It was only last week that we asked “Why is the Web so quiet?” and now this has landed in our inbox. SoundController is a Flash-based tool that aims to make audio interactive much more interactive on the web.

Built by creative music consultancy Hear No Evil, SoundController is aimed at developers who want to create immersive audio experiences in the browser. Users can adjust elements of the audio, such as instrumentation, panning and effects, and the app makes sure it all happens smoothly in time to the music. It can even be timed to adjust music in time to a video.

It’s a little hard to explain clearly in words, but if you try out the demo all will become clear. London-based Hear No Evil developed SoundController in partnership with composers and musicians at Swedish agency Plan8 and is offering it to brands, who can integrate sounds into their websites in a far more interactive way than they could in the past, via a simple API. A version of SoundController that works with mobile apps is currently being developed.

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