Starcraft clone coming to iOS in just a few days and we can’t wait

Starcraft clone coming to iOS in just a few days and we can’t wait

We usually wait until we are able to actually test an app before we bring you word of it, but today is a special day. Today we bring to you the hype-video for Starfront: Collision, a bald-faced rip of Blizzard’s Starcraft, but for iOS devices instead of PC.

The computer game is so popular that its professional leagues around the world are still going strong more than a decade after its launch. It was inevitable a game of such popularity would find its way (roughly) to your mobile phone.

What is the same? Starfront features the same (in everything but name) races, landscapes, unit themes, and so forth. Starfront is Starcraft, with a different skin.

If you are not giddy with excitement at this moment, you are apparently not nerdy enough to appreciate what I am telling you. Let me attempt to explain with a video of a top South Korean pro playing Starcraft 1, the game that Starfront wants to bring to a small touch screen:

Impressed much? I bet you are wondering how a game of that variety could ever make it to your iPhone? Fear not, allow me to introduce Starfront: Collision, with an interface that is going to make your fat thumbs a serious problem:

The main question is whether players will be able to be quick enough on their phones and slates to fully enjoy the game. We hope so. When Starfront: Collision does come out, expect a full review.

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