Favwork: Show off your single best design.

Favwork: Show off your single best design.

Favwork, a website that is less than a week old is already causing a little stir in the designers amongst us. It was created by Stu Green, a developer/designer from the UK. Favwork is very simple, each designer is allowed to showcase one piece of work, their favorite piece. The front page showcases images that have been submitted and rotates, to give everyone a chance to show-off their ‘fav’ design work.

Designers are encouraged to upload new favorites over time, archiving the previous works. Users can log in via Twitter and upload their favorite image with a description. The community can leave comments and Like (sadly not Facebook Like) the images. Images can be easily Tweeted on Twitter.

Favwork was made in response to Green not having access to Dribbble, an invite only website where the Design Glitterati gather to showcase their work. Favwork is not very busy at the moment, however the idea is interesting.

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