Tripline releases a new app for social media savvy travelers

Tripline releases a new app for social media savvy travelers

Tripline is a traveler’s app that combines the powers of Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and its own tools to create an interactive itinerary of past and future trips that users can share with their friends.

Tripline, which launched in August 2010, was founded by ex-Yahoo employee Byron Dumbrill, and was created when Dumbrill and his fiancee were planning a lengthy trip to Costa Rica. The interactive and embeddable maps appear like a timeline of stops within a country or city. Photos, videos, check-ins and geo-enabled Tweets can be added to each point as well as descriptions of activities and tips for travelers. Check out this recent Tripline, that D.C. based Croft Global Travel put together of a 6 day trip to Nicaragua.

Tripline is similar to other start ups looking to meld social media and travel like Nextstop (recently acquired by Facebook) and online itinerary creators like NileGuide and TripIt.

Today, Tripline released an app for the iPhone and iPad, available for $0.99 in the app store: Their mobile site is also handy, and stay tuned for an Android app coming soon.

The app lets you access your flight, hotel and restaurant information, and you can record places you visit by checking in. This way, when you return home, you already have a story ready to share with friends, or you can set your trip to “private” and save the Tripline for memories.

You can also use the app to create a simple list of places you want to go. Or create a food-related adventure, such as “LA Sushi” or “NYC Burgers”. “That way, when you’re hungry (and impatient), you’ll have lists of places to pick from. And If someone else has already created a good list in your area, you can bookmark it on the site and get to it on your phone that way,” says Dumbrill.

Overall, the app is slick and easy to use just like the website, also slightly addictive for LBS happy travelers. You might just have an expensive data bill coming your way if you use it too much while hiking the Mayan Trail.

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