Crate. Web-based file sharing done incredibly easy.

Crate. Web-based file sharing done incredibly easy.

We’ve covered more than a few file sharing services here at TNW. It’s one of those things that we are constantly looking at because we’re always seeing new and great ones come about. The latest, Crate, will make the minimalist inside you very happy.

Crate bills itself as “ridiculously easy file sharing”. They’re right. Simply go to the site, pick a username, give an email and you’re set. You can start creating Crates, which are files or folders, then sharing them to your heart’s content.

Type in a Crate name, then press Add Crate. You’ll be taken to the crate’s page where you can drag and drop any file you want into the Crate. That is, as long as you’re not using Internet Explorer. But don’t blame Crate. It’s not for lack of desire to give the IE folks some love, it’s just that IE doesn’t support the option.

Once your file is uploaded to the Crate cloud, you can mouse over each file and click it to copy the short URL to your clipboard. Want to share the whole crate? Just click on the Crate name from within the Crate’s page and you can do it.

A basic account can do files up to 50MB, with a total storage of 200MB and a limit of 6 Crates. Want more? For $9 per month you can get unlimited crates, unlimited file size and a total storage of 10 GB. Of course, being the kind folks that we are, we’ve managed to help you with that.

The first 20 people to follow @TNW on Twitter and then tweet this will get a direct message from us with a lifetime Pro account to Crate. Just head to the redemption page to get started.[Update: All gone! Sorry!]

Oh, and Crate is already profitable. No worries about losing your stuff because the business tanks.

Easy? Yup. We thought so too. Want even easier? The folks at Crate promise me that there’s a Mac app coming soon. I might be able to kiss Dockdrop goodbye.

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