Reveal Passwords: a bookmarklet that well… reveals your site passwords

Reveal Passwords: a bookmarklet that well… reveals your site passwords

Passwords are the heart and soul of all of our user accounts online. Losing it (even from oneself) could lead to a LOT of trouble. In this day and age, one would be a fool to use something as simple as “secret” for a password. The harder we make our passwords, the harder it is to remember and type as well.

As more and more have started to use different combinations of upper and lower cases, even numbers and symbols, or even made up words, it just gets too confusing.  People with their own personal computers get accustomed to the convenience of having the browser save their passwords for them, sometimes forgetting what their actual password is. This can be troublesome because there are sites that block off your account once an incorrect password is entered after a few tries.

For those who have this problem, we have a simple solution for you. You might want to try out this simple bookmarklet called Reveal Passwords by Andrew Worcester. What it does is with a simple click, it replaces the black dots or stars to well.. reveal your password, for whatever reason.

This simple app has been tried and tested with all of the current browsers–Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 6/7,Firefox 3.6, Chrome, Opera 11, and Safari.

Fair warning for everyone though: make absolutely sure that no one has clear view of your screen when using this bookmarklet in public places. Also, if your computer uses auto-fill for your passwords, you better make sure your computer is locked when you’re not around.

There are other apps and methods to do the same thing but Reveal Passwords is sure as peas on of the easiest and fastest ones.

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