Marvel Comics comes to the Chrome Web Store

Marvel Comics comes to the Chrome Web Store

As if you didn’t already have enough reasons to make Chrome your primary browser (it’s picking up speed, haven’t year heard?) the Chrome Web Store keeps bringing us new gems every time we turn around. The latest? Marvel Comics.

As sales of physical media continue to slow, surely the comic book industry is not immune. How do you keep your business going strong, then? Bring it to new forms of distribution. While you’ve been able to buy Marvel works on your iOS devices for some time, this will allow you to read them right from your desktop.

What’s more? Your iOS purchases will be available to you on your Web App version so that you can read those back issues to your heart’s content.

There are some free choices to get you started, but then in-app purchases open up the full catalog of over 1,500. You can buy individual editions, or subscribe to the Digital Comics Unlimited service to view them all.

The app is free and, as we said there are some free editions to whet your appetite. But is it a compelling way to read? Here, judge for yourself:

As you can see, it works better in full screen mode and it actually looks great. But if you’re tied into only using part of your screen then it’s still perfectly workable. We like the fact that the app maintains the comic book appearance, too.

Give it a download and let us know your thoughts. Are you a full time Chrome user yet? Still holding out for the final release of Firefox 4?

A big thanks to TNW reader Vasile for the spot.

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