EcoForecourt: a marketplace just for eco-friendly vehicles

EcoForecourt: a marketplace just for eco-friendly vehicles

EcoForecourt is a new online marketplace in the UK. Founded by James Walker, that strictly limits listings to vehicles with emissions of 130g/km C02 or less.

The website is easy to use, you just fill in the search tool on the left of the screen and then it populates a beautiful list of cars that are perfect for you. If like me you are a little clueless about cars, then there is a bar which you can scroll and it gives you the option of how friendly you want the car to be, from ‘kinda friendly to ultra fruendky’.

Once the cars are listed, each car has an eco rating, in the shape of the eco bar under the photo of the vehicle. This nifty little image makes it easier to compare how earth friendly each car listed is. The Ecoforecourt website has lots of personality and feels very friendly. Walkers personalised ‘About Us‘ page even goes into detail about the non-obvious benefits of purchasing of low-emission vehicles like, road tax savings and free parking. The website also has a section which is dedicated to news regarding green vehicles, with tips for buyers and sellers.

Owning a car that will null the need to pay the horrible London congestion charge is a strong lure in itself. Forgoing all other benefits, EcoForecourt has now made buying and selling eco-friendly cars that much easier and less mind boggling.

Listing your car is currently free, making it nicer for both buyers and sellers.

Is there any similar service like this but outside of the UK?

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