37signals launches Basecamp Mobile, a powerful new web app

37signals launches Basecamp Mobile, a powerful new web app

37signals has just announced the launch of its new Basecamp Mobile web app,  allowing users of its popular collaboration tool to access the service from any device that features a WebKit browser.

Instead of developing applications for each mobile platform, the 37signals team simply asks you to visit http://basecamphq.com. Utilising powerful web technologies, Basecamp Mobile will work on any device running iOS 4+, Android 2.1+, webOS 2, or BlackBerry 6.

All Basecamp projects will be available via the web interface, giving users the opportunity to post messages, read and add comments to project notices and milestones and create and complete project items. All Writeboards, image attachments, and Microsoft Office and PDF documents will be accessible, im in the original format in which they were created.

Posting to the Signal vs. Noise blog, the 37signals team does point out that the Basecamp Mobile web app is its first version and has been released to include the basics before looking to introduce full functionality to many of the features. For example:

You can view Milestones but you can’t add new ones. But you can view, add, change, and assign to-dos. We plan on rounding out the functionality as time goes on.

As a result of working on the web app, the team have already used some of the ideas and practices used in the development of the app on a new project, a project that they hope to release soon.

For a demonstration of the app, check out the video below:

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