Love listening to the radio? You’ll love the PURE Lounge app

Love listening to the radio? You’ll love the PURE Lounge app

According to Radio Mag Online, Apple began rejecting single station radio apps, comparing them to “FART apps” that represented “spam in the iTunes store” and Apple “will no longer approve any more radio station apps unless there are hundreds of stations on the same app.”

Currently in the iTunes store, there are hundreds of radio apps, with hundreds of stations on each one so how will you pick the best? PURE Lounge is a radio app from a company that’s been in the radio business for quite some time. PURE’s media portal is called The Lounge, which is a place for users to search for, organize and listen to their favorite audio content, with access to a world of local, national and global radio stations like 100.7 Costa Rica FM. While first only available on PURE’s radio devices, which are popular in the UK, PURE has released the Lounge iPhone app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Aside from 16,000 Internet radio stations, the app offers podcasts and over 80 ambient PURE sounds to chill out to like “Arctic Blizzard” and “Babbling Brook.”  The app supports background listening, so you can still text and surf at your leisure. If you have an existing PURE account, you can simply port in your preferences; if not it’s easy to set up new ones.

While apps like RDIO and Spotify are sweet, for sure, the PURE app has an international appeal because you can access its content from anywhere with no subscription fee. So if you were in Thailand, and wanted to tune into your favorite radio station from Manhattan, chances are you could tune right in. Alternatively, if you were in Thailand and wanted to hear what they were grooving to on the radio, you could browse their top radio stations (that are Internet compatible) from PURE’s app.

What I didn’t like: When I’m listening to an awesome song I like (it goes something like “just rocket it! just rocket it!” and is definitely from the 80s), it doesn’t tell me the title or artist, and since my iPhone is in use, I can’t exactly Soundhound it. Buffering and loading are slow, even on a fast WiFi connection.

The app has a swanky design, reminiscent of how I would imagine clubs are decorated in Hoboken, New Jersey.  It works on a WiFi or 3G connection, costs $4.99, and is available on the iPhone.

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