Myousic: an HTML5-powered jukebox in your browser

Myousic: an HTML5-powered jukebox in your browser

HTML5 web apps have amazing potential to change the way we think of our browsers. Here’s a brilliant example – is a simple-looking, but incredibly useful, music player.

Built to take advantage of HTML5’s <audio> tag and local storage capabilities, allows you to search for streamable music from across the web and save tracks that you like to a playlist that’s saved for future use whenever you come back to the app.

Leaving aside the technology that it’s built with, is a really useful tool. Typing in just about any reasonably well-known artist should bring back a good selection of results which you can stream right away or push to your playlist for later use.

Looks-wise, it’s currently nothing special but it’s a goo for keeping an on-demand jukebox playing in a browser tab while you work on other things. The audio quality of tracks sometimes varies, and it’s unclear exactly where the tracks are sourced from. For users though, that doesn’t really matter – the fact that it works is all that’s important.

The fact that this is all done without a single plugin in sight makes it all the more exciting. Just think what the future could hold for apps like this as they evolve.

Myousic has been optimised for both desktop and mobile browsers, meaning it works well both at home and on the go. I found that the mobile user experience was a little better in iOS than on Android, where the app didn’t seem to fit properly within the screen. It’s also worth noting that with no user accounts in sight, you’ll have to build a separate playlist in each browser you use.

The app is free to use and available here.

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