Make Instapaper even more useful with RSS subscriptions

Make Instapaper even more useful with RSS subscriptions

Instapaper is a really handy way of saving articles from the web to read offine. Its downfall, though, is that each item has to be manually added. If you’re keen not to miss any posts from your favourite blog, wouldn’t it be good to have them automatically added to your Instapaper account?

Instascriber is a great little web app that does just that. You just log in with your Instapaper username and password, paste in the URLs of any RSS feeds that you want to subscribe to and that that’s it! As the feeds get updated, the app adds them to your account, giving you access wherever you are.

It can take little time for the service to push new articles through, so don’t rely on it for breaking news but as a way of keeping interesting content pushing into your Instapaper account, it’s ideal.

This genius idea, which we’re surprised hasn’t already been made an official feature, was developed by Hung Truong. If you’re an Instapaper addict, it’s also worth checking out the offline browsing Chrome app for, which we recently covered, too.

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