picplz gets Dropbox integration for automatic photo storage

picplz gets Dropbox integration for automatic photo storage

It’s funny, as I was jus telling someone about picplz the other day. The service, which allows you to take geotagged photos, apply filters and then link them to your social networks had one glaring omission. If I wanted to look through my filter-applied shots, I’d have to do so via the picplz app or site.

Today, according to the picplz blog, that problem is solved with automatic loading to your Dropbox:

One interesting aspect of this integration is that when you connect picplz with your Dropbox account, your Dropbox will get both the filtered version of your pic and the raw, original version of the pic. The raw image contains all of the metadata, including EXIF tags intact.

Want to get it activated? Just visit your picplz account and select your connections. From there, just as you can with Twitter, Flicker and the rest, you can activate your Dropbox backup.

It’s a short announcement, but it’s a huge deal to those of us who have joined up and are loving picplz. Haven’t tried it yet? It’s an easy signup process and the app is free so it’s worth a shot. Oh, and if you don’t have a Dropbox account yet, make sure to check out our interview with the Dropbox founder for your chance to get the extra space hookup.

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