You have a website, you want a demo video. You need Demo Duck.

You have a website, you want a demo video. You need Demo Duck.

We see this time and time again here at TNW. We’ll get a great pitch for a website or web app, the developer will be so excited for us to see their demo video, but the video sucks. There are two general problems with videos, and some other specific ones as well. Demo Duck seems to be an inexpensive, quality option for solving all of these.

First off, most site owners have a habit of confusing the simplicity of their sites or apps. By spending so much time on the finer details of a service, it’s very easy to cloud the picture. More often than not, the best way to avoid this scenario is to introduce your site to a third party, let them become familiar with it and then allow them to do the demo for you.

The problem with having a service (such as Autodemo or DemoCrafters) do the video for you is that they’re generally very pricey. It’s not at all uncommon to see four-figure price quotes from many sites around the Internet. While the examples that we’ve seen from Demo Duck certainly don’t pale in comparison to the work from others, the price is considerably more palatable.

But beating price and being fast simply isn’t enough these days. Demo Duck understands that, and has a value-added set of features that you’ll likely find very interesting. Talking to Andrew Follett, the CEO of Demo Duck, he states that the focus is on making your demo video more than just an introduction to your service:

Speed and price is one thing, and arguably most important to a lot of people, but we also plan to focus more on the marketing side of things. Instead of just building a video, we make sure you can track the return and maximize the value of video content.

So what do these marketing features add? You’ll have the ability to see full tracking and analytics of your video. Demo Duck has partnered with Wistia for hosting and analytics, offering a complete service as opposed to just a moving picture.

Oh, and there’s the fact that your video will include professional voice over narration (as a professional voice over artist and long time marketing worker myself, I can’t possibly stress how important this is). So many incredible products are ruined by laughably bad voice over work that simply becomes a distraction rather than a guide.

Is it a discount service? No. Demo Duck is a premium service that has a discount price. Here’s hoping the best for them, and for you, moving forward. Do yourself a favor and invest in your project’s success.

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