Mixtent: A Hot or Not for Recruitment

Mixtent: A Hot or Not for Recruitment

When something sends me more Facebook notifications then CityVille it grabs my attention. Welcome Mixtent a hot or not style social reputation website.  Mixtent has yet to launch and is founded by Jonathan Gheller. The website is  based in Paolo Alto and is “funded by some of the top Angel Investors in Silicon Valley”.

Mixtent merges Facebook and Linkedin and allows you to compare two people in a certain skill. The votes are then plugged into a central leaderboard, building a social reputation skill platform.

The website is easy to use and very well designed. The content has proven to be viral and social. However is this going to be a true reflection of a persons skill or a popularity contest? Already there are people requesting to opt-out of the service. If too many people opt-out how valuable will Mixtent be as a homogeneous tool to measure industry reputation? 

There was a similar service that faced difficulties earlier this year when building on-top of Linkedin (update: apparently now resolved). How will Mixtent ovoid those problems? Is  Mixtent poised to be the evolution of Linkedin and the social web?

If I find my self with any more minus rankings I may have to also opt-out. So vote me up!

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