LinkedIn brings InMaps to visualize your professional network

LinkedIn brings InMaps to visualize your professional network

If you’re a LinkedIn user, sometimes it’s easy to get lost in figuring out where your connections all match up with one another. A new tool, just launched from LinkedIn, is set to give you a visual representation of your LinkedIn network quickly and easily.

InMaps, according to the LinkedIn blog, each section of your map is color coded. With a glance, you should be able to see who works where, where you met them and what connections can be made:

Here’s how it works: your map is color-coded to represent different affiliations or groups from your professional career, such as your previous employer, college classmates, or industries you’ve worked in.

Hopefully your network on LinkedIn is a bit more impressive than mine. But even with the few connections that I do have, it’s interesting to see the correlation between them. In fact, there are people in my network who are connected that I never thought would be.

It should prove to be a useful tool. If nothing else, it’s a very interesting look at the data surrounding yourself. Make sure to drop by the LinkedIn blog to read all the details.

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