Cut the cable? 24/7 streaming video news is yours via Tiltview.

Cut the cable? 24/7 streaming video news is yours via Tiltview.

One of the hardest parts about no longer being a cable subscriber is that I miss watching the occasional news show. Between CNN, Al Jazeera and the rest, it felt like my daily dose of the world. Even though I typically turn to Twitter for breaking stories, there’s something about broadcast news content that still holds a special place for me.

If you’re missing your news, there’s good…um…news for you. is a new site that takes the best news clips from around the Internet and turns it into your personal 24/7 streaming news station. While you can choose to watch it on your Google TV or while otherwise leaning back in your recliner, I’ve found that I keep it open on my second monitor and simply mute it when necessary.

The interface is perfectly clean, which we really respect. There’s no need to sign up for any service. All you have to do is head to the site and start watching. The video in the window will automatically resize depending on your window size and you can even choose to share the story you’re watching via Facebook or Twitter.

It’s a dead simple service that just works. While customization of news stories and channels would be great, the product is fantastic as it is. So cut away, cable subscribers. You now have one less reason to keep paying that bill every month.

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