Pummelvision creates beautiful videos from Flickr and Facebook images

Pummelvision creates beautiful videos from Flickr and Facebook images

PummelvisionPummelvision pulls in your Flickr photos to create fast-paced video montages of your collections that are published to Vimeo and YouTube. And Flickr isn’t the only service. Tumblr, Facebook, Dropbox and DailyBooth can all be imported and turned into mini-movies.

This free web app gives users a series of options for photo collections and it allows different folders of images to be selected. As an example, by choosing to make a video of your Facebook photos, Pummelvision enables you to create a video of all Facebook photos or just the pics where you’ve been tagged. Publishing a Flickr video works the same way but gives you different options to pick specific Flickr folders.

After selecting a smaller sized (67 photos) Flickr collection, the video took about 30 minutes and depending on the size or amount of images in your collection the time will vary.

It’s missing a few things including the option to tag videos before it posts to YouTube and Vimeo. Users are limited to a titling the video and picking the colour of the background; black or white. There’s also no option to change audio so users are stuck with the same soundtrack. Another issue is privacy. If a user uses their Facebook photos, they should be aware that it creates a public video and offers no privacy settings before publishing.

There are a few reasons why this service is a win. First off, I can’t think of another service that does this and it eliminates the time-consuming tasks of editing yourself. It’s also a cool way to share beautiful videos of vacations or family photo’s without subjecting your friends to long slow-moving slideshows. And, it’s free.

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