Burstn: It’s like Instagram but with a web interface

Burstn: It’s like Instagram but with a web interface

Burstn, is a social photo-sharing service that allows users to browse and interact with photography through commenting, rating and sharing.

The Burstn iOS app is quite slick and it provides users with a series of ways to discover photography and connect with new friends. The mobile version of Burstn divides the community images in 3 screens; followed (friends you’re following), popular and everyone.

After following-up a few friends you’ll immediately see their images and activity displayed within the live stream screen.  Pictures can be taken within the app and it offers various photo filters to apply cool-looking effects to the images before sharing. There’s also direct link to find friends that use Burstn, on Facebook Twitter and through the device’s contact list.

Sound familiar? Sounds like Instagram right? Except, Bustrn offers a web service coupled with the iOS app.

If you’ve been following our posts on Instagram, you’ll know we are big fans of the app here at The Next Web. But, as we’ve mentioned, we’re jonzing for a web interface and want something more than Followgram. And we’re pretty sure that something’s coming soon.

Bustn’s web interface enables users to browse of all of its public photos and just like the app, the site offers the ability to like, share and comment. Random and popular Burstn pictures are browsed in a sexy slideshow that allows the user to flip through images with ease. The user-generated photography can additionally be searched by keywords.

One of the biggest drawbacks with using Burstn with an iPhone 4, is the front facing camera options are not easily noticeable is the fact that it doesn’t support the front facing camera (like Instagram) but overall the apps seem almost identical minus some minor aesthetics and photo filters.

If you like Instagram, you’ll likely be fond of Burstn but the question is.. do we really need two?

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