A bit of fun: Brickify takes your images and transforms them into Lego

A bit of fun: Brickify takes your images and transforms them into Lego

A new tool called Brickify from the team at Carsonified allows you to upload images or photos and turn them into plans for building bricks, great for people who want to transform their logos or are simply just fans of Lego.

Speaking of Lego, it’s the whole reason Brickify came to be. The Carsonified team took a trip to the local Lego store, thought it might be fun to craft the its own logo in Lego bricks, before realising there were no such tools available online.

Carsonified-founder Ryan Carson recently tweeted that he was about to announce a new tool, we believe Brickify is the tool that going to be launched.

Brickify works by asking you to provide the URL of a particular image you wish to turn into bricks, or “Brickify”. The tool then uses an array of HTML5 tricks to load the users image, process the pixels and turn the image into one that looks like its made of bricks.

Once converted, some JavaScript wizardry is employed to display the image before giving the user the option to download the image, look at what colours are used within the bricked image, even giving you the option to edit the brick colours themselves.

The team documented Brickify’s creation, posting the following video on its About page:

Visit the site, use the tool. Realise your Lego dreams.

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